MANDATE : Position Centrum through a big picture impactful story, instead of regular industry stories

CONTENT APPROACH : Agency team and management held several rounds of brainstorming. Finally story idea was made: The only company where employees have significant equity stake

RESULT : Big story in Sunday ET

IMPACTS : Now every Centrum employee goes for business development with a copy of the story in hand. Management says that the story made the company a hot destination among the job seekers

JM Financial

OCCASION : JM tops the list of I-bankers by Bloomberg

CHALLENGES OF VISIBILITY : Ranks/awards/honors rarely ensure visibility in top newspapers. Moreover, an honor by a media company will not be entertained by others


  • Used the Bloomberg ranking to position Mr Vishal Kampani as someone who has reinvigorated the ibanking division of JM.
  • Approached TOI with this idea of how JM outclassed multinationals under Mr Vishal and provided inputs to establish that he is as good as his father Nimesh Kampani.
  • Facilitated interaction
  • Gave follow-up story idea to Bloomberg on `return of domestic i-bankers’


  • More than 10 newspaper clips in leading media
  • Over 20 online clips
  • Quality positioning of Vishal

Nanavati Hospital


Pitch impactful corporate story, other than the usual doctor-driven stories


  • Positioned hospital MD Abhay Soi as a game changer in the healthcare sector
  • Pitched profiling stories with key media organisations


  • Detailed profile in Economic Times
  • Cover Stories in key trade publications
  • Corporate stories by PTI