March 21, 2018 Harshavardhan Nadkarni

Public Relations for Small businesses: The need for building a strong brand connect

In an age of intense competition and constantly fluctuating business dynamics, an effective Public Relations (PR) strategy can prove to be decisive in segregating the haves from the have-nots. Creating a mass outreach for the target audience and enhancing brand visibility remains the core of a carefully formulated PR policy, especially for small businesses.

For any small business wanting to consolidate its business reputation, creating awareness about its products and services assumes paramount importance. It has been observed that people buy brands which are established. In order to increase one’s competitive advantage and create a niche market for one’s goods, a small business should engage a good PR agency which will help it carve a credible brand identity

Apart from a successful brand promotion drive, building credibility and trust for your brand is of utmost importance. Any product just does not have a utility value but also has a communication to convey, a story to tell and how effectively that story is told ensures its customer outreach and brand connect with its target audience. A PR agency identifies the habits, characteristics, preferences and living standards of the target customer and helps in creating a reliable customer base for the company.

A brand has to adopt a linguistic affinity with its target audience. If it has to emanate positive vibes, a brand should be able to convey ideas in a manner which is not only positive but resonates with the ethos of the consumer community it wants to be identified with. It is here that a PR agency can formulate an effective communication strategy and bring the brand and the customer on a common platform.

Before embarking on a new business, it makes sense to profile the existing competition in the market. For a small business not having the cost bandwidth and the expertise in analyzing business competition, engaging the services of a PR agency makes economic sense. By undertaking an exhaustive study of existing business dynamics and understanding the parameters on which successful businesses have consolidated their reputation, PR agencies can help small entities in breaching the monopolies of existing businesses.

With a large internet-savvy customer base in the age group of 18-35, many companies are enhancing their presence in the e-commerce domain and shedding their brick-n-mortar business model. For small businesses wanting to expand their footprint in the ever-growing online business landscape, a well-developed PR plan can prove to be a definitive game changer.

Though it is a well-documented fact that several startups and small businesses have budget constraints, it makes sense for them to allot funds for hiring the services of an efficient PR agency. It will not only enable small entities to focus on their core businesses and build their synergies but also help in monetizing their resources and increase Return on Investment (RoI).


Harshavardhan Nadkarni

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