March 22, 2018 Vandana Pathak

The Humour in PR – The Good, Very good and Awesome !

What is a PR Professional if not one with a sense of humour? Between developing campaigns, strategizing and working with different clients, you really have to see the funny side of things at times. And what better time than to give you this gyan on a Monday evening!

The adjectives like centre of Attraction, Life of the party, melting pot all fit the bill but only ironically. We are all this and more when it comes to the client’s rage and vent. But what better job than this to make you a gritty and hard headed person? To be commended are the ones that knowingly place themselves at the receiving end.

Having spent more than 7 years in PR, I can say that this field is not for the faint hearted. Unlike the other professions where your professional plans are drawn around your vacation, in PR your vacation is drawn around your profession and you are never completely immune to getting calls from your client. You want to know how one can manage not only finding a computer but also get various tasks done on a vacation. Ask a PR Professional. That’s our gift.

Contrary to the usual start of the month, and the dreaded “End of the Month” for the rest of the world, all mighty (in our case the client) decided he will divide our months in to high pressure and not so high pressure times (something I am yet to experience). So if you have a month end, you know your pain will subside as the new month begins. What about PR you ask? That is an excellent question and the only one with no answer ever.

And oh the appalling reports. We have the review for the month passed, Plan for the coming month, Plan for the quarter, half yearly plan, and yearly review. This if you have a boss considerate enough to know that you need time to execute the plans which eventually will go in to the review. Oh did I just miss weekly plan and review? Sorry my bad! And then there are trackers to track the trackers (reports). Hope that made sense.

This is the outline of this ever so lively industry. I am not sure where would I be if not here. This profession is lively, Young, Pragmatic, one where your brain is constantly at work and by the time you are done with you efforts, the image that you create for your client is one that gives you immense fulfillment. You are the game changer, a story maker, an Image builder, the one that hands you the spotlight. Imagine the influence you create.

So month end or beginning, review or plan, Report or tracker, these ingredients that make this field amazing and lively as ever. I read, I create Ideas, and I pitch those ideas to the journalists. My profession has taught me how to Value my time and other’s, How to handle pressure, how to be positive, how to work hard and enjoy it……its an endless list.

So if you are contemplating PR as a profession, I say Go for it!!


Vandana Pathak

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